Mission & Vision


The idea of a foundation of the sisters of the Apostolic Carmel was first broached by Fr. Franco of Mylapore in 1929. The purpose of this foundation was twofold, namely to provide Christian education for the girls of Goa, and also to give these girls an opportunity through their contact with sisters, to think of dedicating themselves to God’s service in the Religious life.

The Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel take immense pride in the loyalty of their staff. The teachers take a lot of trouble in academics, in getting the students to participate in the competitions held in the state of Goa. They ensure the participation of each and every student in the class assemblies. The teachers have always maintained a good rapport with the administration.


Fatima Convent High School continues to be a vibrant force, not only in the city of Margao, but in the State of Goa as well, for we see parents’ queuing up for admission from far and wide and from all walks of life.

Though we have achieved quite a good standard of Education, we realize that we still have a long way to go in conscientizing our staff and students in the spirit of our foundress Mother Veronica. Her quest for the truth and zeal to live up to her calling to the Catholic faith and later as a religious, are values that have yet to be instilled in our students.

There is yet much to be achieved in improving the quality of our Education. We need to work upon areas such as:

  • a paradigm shift from “Syllabus Completion” to “student formation”.
  • Counteracting with courage, values of the world with Gospel values as of honesty, authenticity, integrity and discipline through the activities in our school.
  • An attitudinal change towards self-sacrifice from self-fulfilment.
  • To develop an empathy for the marginalized, the down-trodden, the poor and the neglected areas of society, by getting them to associate with such people, with the help of NGO’s.
  • We need to seek, find, develop, cultivate and propagate an “A.C. Culture”, and thus create “AN A.C. ENVIRONMENT”, through which the spirit of Mother Veronica seeps in, especially her spirit of Obedience, Charity and Humility.

A daunting task as we live in a milieu of hedonism, consumerism, materialism, and are also plagued by a culture of death that propagates and glorifies individualistic trends of selfishness, pride and glamour. However, we fight against hope and do not lose heart, to lead our staff and students to encounter God in the stillness of their hearts and like our foundress Mother Veronica, to be obedient to that still inner voice. To sum up our vision in a nutshell would be…