1. Every candidate for admission must be introduced in person to Headmistress by the Parents/Guardian who will be responsible for the child.
  2. At the time of admission the following documents will be required:
    • A transfer certificate if she comes from a recognised school. If the school is outside Goa, the T.C must be countersigned by the Education Inspector of the state from which she comes.
    • An official Birth Certificate, if she joins school fresh from home.
  3. All requests for the Leaving Certificate should be made in writing. Parents and guardians wishing to withdraw their children or wards from school, must give a notice of at least one month.
  4. If a student leaves the school during the academic year she will be charged fees up to the month she has attended the school. In case no notice is given one month’s extra fees will be charged.
  5. The first Leaving Certificate, if applied for, within 2 years of leaving school, will be issued free of charge. Copies of the first Leaving Certificate or any other kind of certificate will bear an office charge of Rs. 5/-.