Music is a talent, gifted by God. Music is said to be a healing medicine for human soul and body. Music is beyond any cultures, religions or any man-made boundaries of divisions, it touches everyone around and is enjoyed by all.
We the students of Fatima Convent High School, Margao, find passion in music. In June 2015, we were very fortunate to have a music teacher Ms.Doroty R. Rocha, deputed by the Directorate of Art and culture, Panjim, who is very active and well experience. After a few months of teaching the ‘Theory of Music’, we agreed to take up the challenge of answering the Trinity college, London examination on Grade I. We understood that music can been learnt at any age as we saw people from all walks of lives, young and old appearing for the examination and were very thrilled.
When we got our much awaited results our dream came true and all of us secured good marks 95%, 96% and 97% which brought us great joy. We are extremely thankful to God and to our music teacher, to the Directorate of Art and Culture Panjim, to our Principal Sr. Regina Greta and our dear parents for their help and support.
We are eagerly looking forward to continue our remaining studies in music.

Roanna Fernandes VIII C
Priyanka Mascarenhas VIII C
Hannah Menezes VIII A
Ruth Brito Carvalho V